Teaching & Learning Lab

Empowerment through Education

Education by Design

Education has the power to change the lives of people, and at the same time shape how our world can be at the present and in the future. In the development of responsible individuals to contribute to our world, and to support the Sustainable Development Goals to “ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all”, design for education and design in education can play a powerful role in education to:
  • develop future teaching and learning tools and environments through design to support learners with different learning styles and abilities;
  • develop 21st century competencies, that promote life-long learning, through design activities in design education; and
  • develop future professionals in the use of design to respond to present and future issues in the context of education.

Vision of Lab

Creating a sustainable world by Design, through education

Mission of Lab

Our mission is to
  • Explore all possibilities in improving education through design
  • Explore all possibilities in the holistic development of learners through design

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