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Junior High School Technology Teachers Online Exchange Session 2

Sharing of Technology Projects Between Japanese and Taiwanese Technology Teachers, 12 Dec 2021

This is the second meeting organized to provide opportunities for Japanese and Taiwanese Technology teachers to share with each other on the types of Technology projects that had taken places in the classrooms. Projects involved STEAM related, problem solving, design-based projects that explained the process taken by students to design solutions to solve given problems. Examples presented by the teachers showcased students' creativity, critical thinking and problem solving abilities.

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Junior High School Technology Teachers Online Exchange Session

Creating International Collaborations For Design-Technology Education

Last year, we started the Design-Technology Education Online Exchange Forum. We were able to invite speakers from Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore to share their insights on Design-Technology Education.

This year, we are building on the exchange forum to create opportunities to explore the possibilities of project-based collaborations between Japanese technology teachers and Taiwanese technology teachers. To explore collaborations, we planned to organize exchange and information sharing sessions to invite Japanese technology teachers and Taiwanese technology teachers to share with each other the types of programs and projects that they are doing in their lessons.

The first Junior High School Technology Teachers Online Exchange Session was held on 22 Oct 2021. This exchange session was co-organized with Professor Kuen-Yi LIN (NTNU, Taiwan) and the graduate students in Professor LIN’s lab.

In the first meeting, Ms Lesley CHEN and Mr Jun KAWAMATA shared their class activities and the projects that they had done in their lessons. We are looking forward to holding the 2nd meeting on 12 Dec 2021. If possible, we hope to invite Japanese teachers who are interested in this exchange of ideas and collaborations with Taiwanese teachers to join us in our exchange meetings.

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SDGs Challenge Project in Fukusho High School, Fukuoka

Integrating Design-Based Learning into School Curriculum

Dr Leon LOH is part of the SDGs Design School to collaborate with Fukusho High School in Fukuoka city. In this collaboration the SDGs Challenge Project was developed together with teachers in Fukusho High School. The SDGs Challenge Project started as a humble workshop for 17 high school students in 2019. The project then expanded to 3 workshops in 2020. In 2021, the SDGs Challenge Project is integrated into the school curriculum, under the Period of Integrated Studies, for all Year 3 students in Fukusho High School. Thus, this year, the SDGs Challenge Project has expanded to involved about 27 teachers to conducted 13 classes for 320 student participants.





JSSD Branch Project, Educational Outcomes 2020 Booklet

One of our lab projects in JSSD Branch Project, Educational Outcomes 2020 Booklet
(日本デザイン学会 支部企画 教育成果集2020)

We are pleased that a project done one of our lab members have been recorded in the Educational Outcomes 2020 booklet, a project by the branch of Japan Society for the Science of Design.

Project Title: Think, Make, Try ~RE-design of school for STEAM education~
This project explored new learning environment design that promotes STEAM education in elementary schools.



Our youngsters - maker of a resilient city

International Workshop on Urban Landscape (IWUL) 2021 Hong Kong - Resilient city; Landscape remediation (Online)

It was pleasure to be invited to the IWUL to share with the participants and professors on examples of how our young people are capable and creative in contributing to the development of a resilient city.

A short abstract of the invited lecture is as below.
Solving real-world issues through design has been often associated with the professional community. But students can also be one of the main actors in developing the resilience of our society through design innovations. This talk will provide some examples of how students are also capable of solving real-world problems through design. Perhaps, we may re-evaluate the potential of our younger generation to work hand-in-hand with the professionals in making a resilient city.

These examples are based on information collected from various overseas research trips on design education at pre-tertiary level. The collaborative project between the SDGs Design School (Kyushu University, Faculty of Design) and Fukusho High School, Fukuoka City is also included as part of the example.