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PET.ART 2019

PET.ART: Pet Bottle Recycling Design Workshop, Held on 13 July

As part of the Fukuoka Minami Ward Children University 2019, the current design workshop shared with young children on the possibility of recycling PET bottles to make them into art sculptures or useful products that can enhance the beauty of our living space and as a small effort to make our environment more sustainable.

This workshop was conducted in English to create opportunities for English conversation and learning. The workshop also encouraged speaking and learning of English and to create a multi-lingual learning campus in Ohashi Campus. The instructors are trained teachers for Singapore secondary schools, with a combined experience of more than 20 years teaching Design and Technology.

The PET.ART design workshop is also part of the community outreach for SDGs Design School. The SDGs Design School is one of the activities of the SDGs Design Unit of Kyushu University Faculty of Design. The SDGs Design School is positioned as educational outreach to inform a wide scope of citizens, from children to adults, what can we do for SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) in the area of design.

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NTNU x KU Joint Forum 2019

2019 National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU)-Kyushu University (Kyushu U) Joint Forum on Facilitating Interdisciplinary Research and Education

Attended the forum to present about the need for collaborative research to understand the current practice of Design & Technology and Technology Education in Asia. On the side line, fruitful discussions were carried to explore possible collaborative research.

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Design Job-A-Like

Design Job-A-Like in Nagoya International School

This workshop was organized by Nagoya International School to create a network for :
  • To share resources, ideas and skills.
  • To create something that can be used in the classroom with students after workshop.
  • To start the process of setting up a support network for MYP Design teachers in Japan.


ICTE 2019

Presentation in ICTE 2019, Cheongju.

Presented on topic related to Design and Technology and Technology Education in Singapore, Australia and Taiwan.




Research Field Trips

Design and Technology Education Field Surveys in Taiwan, Melbourne and Hong Kong


Conducted as part of the research on Design and Technology education to study the development of critical thinking and creativity through design learning. At the same time, to study the different types of learning spaces for design learning.

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