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Graduation Design Exhibition 2018

Graduation Design Exhibition 2018

Year 4 students from T&L-Lab participated and displayed their final design works in the Graduation Design Exhibition 2018!

Arts and craft room made by students, Designed by Masaki OKURA:

Based on the graduation research, it was found that there are various problems in the current learning environment for art in elementary schools in Fukuoka city. Therefore, the aim of this design is to respond to the identified problems of learning environment for art in elementary schools and to propose a new design for learning environment that facilitate children to engage in self-directed design activities.

grad design3

grad design1 grad design2

Asia’s Entrance, Designed by Daiki SHIMADA:

Chuo Wharf of Hakata Port has the largest number of the passengers in Japan and huge number of tourists from Asia visit there as the entrance of Japan. However, considering Hakata Port as a whole, few people visiting Hakata Wharf, and there has a deserted atmosphere. Therefore, I think the international terminal in there is not an attractive scenery as the entrance of Japan. In addition, Fukuoka prefecture has a problem of hotel shortage. In order to solve these problems, I design the complex of international terminals, commercial facilities and hotels, with an attractive landscape as a front door.

grad design7

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