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Research Field Visits 2019

Research Field Visits: Technology education in Auckland (Sept 2019)

A research field visit was conducted to understand the current status of Technology Education (TE) in New Zealand based on the schools visits in Auckland.

The field visits in Auckland presented a display of impressive design thinking by secondary and senior secondary students in the various specializations in TE such as Food Technology, Design Visual Communication, Hard Materials, Electronics and Soft Materials. A combination of problem solving skills, research skills and design thinking by students created impressive innovative solutions to improve and enrich lives and promote environmental sustainability. This further provides evidence that DT and TE are more than just practical subjects.

Experimenting with hard materials.

Experimenting using emerging technology in drones designing.

Creating models using 3D printing.

Design, experimenting and creating new food products.

Experimenting with textiles.

Architectural design in Design Visual Communication.

Experimentation workshops for hard materials