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IASDR 2015

IASDR 2015 Conference in Brisbane (Nov 2- 5)

Partnering Dunman Secondary School (Singapore) in conducting educational research study on teaching and learning framework and strategies for design thinking acquisition in D&T. This current study focus on design thinking skills acquisition in Sec 2 D&T coursework. The paper titled Design Thinking in Pre-Tertiary Design Education: An Example Based on Design and Technology Study in Singapore Secondary School, was presented during the conference.

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Assembly Talk in Dunman Secondary School

School assembly talk in Dunman Secondary School to promote understanding of design.


The industrial design industry in Singapore is still at its infant stage. Though D&T has been offered in secondary schools since the 1980s, the first basic degree course for industrial design was set up in 1999 in the National University of Singapore. In terms of design research and design education, Singapore may not yet as established as compared to other developed countries like US, UK, Japan and Korea etc. Since design is still at the infancy stage, the general perception of design in the eyes of the public seem to be more associated to aesthetically pleasing and interesting products rather than recognizing the things that we interact every day which is very much related to design. This talk aimed to provide a brief overview of design and how we are using design to attend to our everyday needs.