Teaching & Learning Lab

Empowerment through Education

IASDR 2017

Presentation in IASDR 2017, Cincinnati:

Presentation title: Re-clarifying design problems through questions for secondary school children: An Example Based on Design Problem Identification in Singapore Pre-Tertiary Design Education.




Quality Assurance in Design Education

International Symposium on Quality Assurance in Design Education, Fukuoka

The International Symposium on Quality Assurance in Design Education serve to provide a platform to dicuss and explore the future directions of design education. Participated as part of the discussion panelist. (Photos are courtesy of symposium organisers).


Visiting NPO and NGO in Singapore

Visiting local NPO and NGO to understand the involvement of design education outside mainstream education in Singapore

An opportunity to meet Ms Mizah Rahman, Co-founder of PiD.

In addition, a meeting with members of GUI in Kampung Kampus.



Visit to USM in Penang

Visit to USM in Penang. Hosted by Prof. Jestin and Prof. Najib:

It was an opportunity to understand a little bit more about the architecture and industrial design programme in USM. Prof. Jestin and Prof. Najib conducted a short tour around the ID workshops and exhibit rooms.



Joint Workshop in NUS

Joint Workshop with Department of Architecture in SDE, NUS

Our Undergraduate Year 2 and Master Year 1 students were in Singapore for a joint workshop with students in NUS.



Conference Presentation in Osaka

Presentation in 2017 International Conference on Innovation, Management and Industrial Engineering, Osaka

Presentation title: Developing the foundations of a critical and creative mind to drive future innovations through pre-tertiary design education.
(photos are courtesy of IMIE conference organisers)



Visit to NUS (Singapore) and THEI (Hong Kong)

Visit to NUS (Singapore) and THEI (Hong Kong) as part of the survey for assuring quality in design education:

NUS (Singapore): Visit to School of Design and Environment. 

CIMG1713 CIMG1726

THEI (Hong Kong): Visit to Faculty of Design and Envrionment. (Photos are courtesy of THEI, Faculty of Design and Environment)

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