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Kyushu SDGs Design Network

Presentation by Fukusho High School students at Kyushu SDGs Design Network

As a followup to our collaboration with Fukusho High School, the Fukusho High School students brought their ideas to share at the Kyushu SDGs Design Network.

For more information, please go to the following url: CLICK HERE.

Education Research Conference for Teachers

Education Research Conference for Teachers held in Hiroshima University Affiliated Junior and High School, 29 & 30 Nov 2019

The conference provided an opportunity for teachers and academics to come together to explore teaching and learning in various subjects. One of the breakout session included a lesson showcase of how Information and Digital Technology in Technology Education may be used as a platform for problem solving.

The second day of the conference included a professional sharing session between Technology teachers from different parts of Japan to explore the use of programming software Scratch and microprocessor kits such as Micro-Bit in projects that enhance students' problem solving capabilities and abilities.

Lesson showcase on the use of Scratch Programming for problem solving activities.

IMG_3792 IMG_3797
Using Scratch programming to create a message platform.

Pair discussion on possible problems that can be solved using messaging platforms that students programmed.

A view of learning environment for Technology education.

Micro-Bit Processing Unit that may be used for Technology projects in problem solving.

Professional sharing by teachers.

In-Touch with Technology Teachers in Japan

Introduction to Design & Technology and Technology Education in Oceania and Asia (Sept 2019)

The Technology subject in Japanese junior high schools will be implementing a new syllabus in 2021. The changes are made upon the review done by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT).

The Technology subject in Japanese junior high schools mainly focus on developing technical skill in students. However, in many countries, technology education has evolved from craft and placed much emphasis on design thinking to solve a real-life problem. In the upcoming new syllabus, a significant change will see the incorporation of design education into the subject. 

As such, the Hiroshima Society for Technology Education invited Assistant Professor LOH Wei Leong, Leon, to give a lecture on the Technology Education in Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and Taiwan. He specializes in Design Education for Pre-Tertiary and University Education.

The lecture was held on September 21, 2019 (Saturday) at Hiroshima City Nishi Ward, Cultural Center, Conference Room A, from 14: 00 - 17: 00. 

The lecture touched on the following points:
  • How does technology education look like in the various country?
  • How to help students develop the skills to identify problems in everyday life?
  • How to design curriculum and project briefs?
  • How to evaluate students work?

A lecture was followed by a Question and Answer session to clarify issues and discuss concerns that the teachers had. Assistant Professor LOH hopes to collaborate with the teachers teaching technology subject in Japan to design and develop new school curriculum for Technology and to explore new teaching and learning strategies. 

Lecture in progress.

SDGs Design School incollaboration with Fukusho High School

The SDGs Design School in Collaboration with Fukusho High School (Sept-Oct 2019)

The SDGs Design School is part of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Design Unit, Kyushu University. Formed in 2019, using design education as a platform, the SDGs Design School aims to create greater awareness in the general public on the importance of the SDGs. We hope to nurture people who will take actions and contribute to making society and the world a better place to live. This project also aims to develop new educational approaches and content to nurture our future generation with the ability to respond to diverse needs and changes in society.

The SDGs Design School collaborated with Fukusho High School on a series of lessons for 17 students who are taking the entrepreneur course in the school.
The main purpose of the lessons is to create awareness of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through the design thinking process.

Please check out the information on the university homepage. (Japanese version only at the moment) : https://www.kidnext.design.kyushu-u.ac.jp/projects/3798?lang=ja

Discussion in progress.

Design concept.

Research Field Visits 2019

Research Field Visits: Technology education in Taipei (Sept 2019)

Implementing the new national syllabus for Technology Education (TE) in 2019, a shift from skill-based, technology focused TE into a more Design Thinking approach can be seen at school level.

The school visit in Taipei provided the glimpse of possibilities of developing creative and innovative minds through TE at junior and high school level. The developments of new teaching and learning environments also provided the infrastructure for change. This research visit has also received great support and funded by College of Technology and Engineering, Department of Technology Application and Human Resource Development in National Taiwan Normal University.

Together with Dean of College of Technology and Engineering, Prof. Kao (right of the photo) and the Department Head of Department of Technology Application and Human Resource Development, Prof. Lin (left of the photo)

New workshop learning environment designed for active learning. A space that included tables for group discussion right at the far end of the photo. (junior high school)

Well equipped workshop for design experimentations. (junior high school)

Well equipped workshop for design experimentations. (junior high school)

Simple design project for students at the junior academic year.

Simple design project for students at the junior academic year.

Engineering design projects.

Research Field Visits 2019

Research Field Visits: Technology education in Auckland (Sept 2019)

A research field visit was conducted to understand the current status of Technology Education (TE) in New Zealand based on the schools visits in Auckland.

The field visits in Auckland presented a display of impressive design thinking by secondary and senior secondary students in the various specializations in TE such as Food Technology, Design Visual Communication, Hard Materials, Electronics and Soft Materials. A combination of problem solving skills, research skills and design thinking by students created impressive innovative solutions to improve and enrich lives and promote environmental sustainability. This further provides evidence that DT and TE are more than just practical subjects.

Experimenting with hard materials.

Experimenting using emerging technology in drones designing.

Creating models using 3D printing.

Design, experimenting and creating new food products.

Experimenting with textiles.

Architectural design in Design Visual Communication.

Experimentation workshops for hard materials

Research Field Visits 2019

Research Field Visits: Design and Technology education in Melbourne (August 2019)

A field visit was conducted to find out the current status of Design and Technology (D&T) education in Australia based on the field visits to secondary schools in Melbourne.

During the field visits, visits to existing learning environments and the introduction to school programmes are kindly provided by DT teachers. In DT, students not only look into problem solving (SDGs related etc.) but at the same time combining traditional manufacturing techniques with emerging technologies such as 3D printing techniques to conduct experimentations on possible design solutions. More importantly, DT is used as a platform for thinking skills development.

A visit to DT design workshops and studios.

Creating SDGs related resource area.

Experimenting with recycled plastics as materials for product design.

Using emerging technology such as 3D Printing for design solutions.

Design experimentations, jewelry design.

Design experimentations, jewelry design.

Experimentation workshops.

PET.ART 2019

PET.ART: Pet Bottle Recycling Design Workshop, Held on 13 July

As part of the Fukuoka Minami Ward Children University 2019, the current design workshop shared with young children on the possibility of recycling PET bottles to make them into art sculptures or useful products that can enhance the beauty of our living space and as a small effort to make our environment more sustainable.

This workshop was conducted in English to create opportunities for English conversation and learning. The workshop also encouraged speaking and learning of English and to create a multi-lingual learning campus in Ohashi Campus. The instructors are trained teachers for Singapore secondary schools, with a combined experience of more than 20 years teaching Design and Technology.

The PET.ART design workshop is also part of the community outreach for SDGs Design School. The SDGs Design School is one of the activities of the SDGs Design Unit of Kyushu University Faculty of Design. The SDGs Design School is positioned as educational outreach to inform a wide scope of citizens, from children to adults, what can we do for SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) in the area of design.

DSCN2182 DSCN2192

DSCN2238 DSCN2244

NTNU x KU Joint Forum 2019

2019 National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU)-Kyushu University (Kyushu U) Joint Forum on Facilitating Interdisciplinary Research and Education

Attended the forum to present about the need for collaborative research to understand the current practice of Design & Technology and Technology Education in Asia. On the side line, fruitful discussions were carried to explore possible collaborative research.

NTNU-KU Group photo_small

Design Job-A-Like

Design Job-A-Like in Nagoya International School

This workshop was organized by Nagoya International School to create a network for :
  • To share resources, ideas and skills.
  • To create something that can be used in the classroom with students after workshop.
  • To start the process of setting up a support network for MYP Design teachers in Japan.


ICTE 2019

Presentation in ICTE 2019, Cheongju.

Presented on topic related to Design and Technology and Technology Education in Singapore, Australia and Taiwan.